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With thousands of music-lovers attending reggae festivals, activists have long worried about the environmental impact. From hundreds, to hundreds of thousands of guests, festivals of every size create many forms of waste, stress the environmental infrastructure of an area, require mass amounts of energy, increase emission levels and pose potential damage to the festival site. Reggae festivals across the globe have implemented similar programs – recycling, reducing single-use plastic products, using compostable materials, providing reusable water bottles, hosting educational forums, requiring pack-in/pack-out policies, offsetting carbon emissions and more – to shrink their footprint on the environment.
( Originally printed in the “Reggae Festivals Go Green” article in Reggae Festival Guide 2019 Magazine by Jessica Farthing and Irene Johnson)
Reggae Festival Guide is thrilled to see that the world’s premier reggae festival – Reggae Sumfest, is now “Going Green” with support from the Queen of Caribbean Radio #NikkiZ Nikki Z. They recently posted this caption on their Instagram:
Go Green with Sumfest as we partner with the @RecyclingPartners and @alligatorheadfoundation for the 27th staging of this festival. 📷
Here’s how we will be playing our part:
@RecyclingPartners will be managing collection of plastics for the week of Sumfest July 14-20 to ensure that proper recycling practices are met.
@alligatorheadfoundation will be showcasing how recycled plastic can be used to create useful items facilitated by the use of a 3D printer
We and our partners will be doing at least two beach cleanups. One before the festival and one after the festival – let us know if you’d like to help
So Go Green 📷 with Sumfest this year …Recycle and Reuse. Let’s save our environment and our beautiful island 📷
Reggae Festivals are one of our favorite things in life, however, the waste that accumulates from these huge gatherings has become quite an issue. We at RFG commend Reggae Sumfest for taking the initiative to recycle + upcycle plastics and do beach cleanups. To learn more please visit reggaesumfest.com

“Elephant Man returns to Sumfest after five years”

Sade Gardner – STAR Writer
June 19, 2019
It has been five years since #ElephantMan touched the Reggae Sumfest stage, but his zestful performances have not changed. The full force of the ‘Energy God’ will be on show when he makes his return on Festival Night One at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in #MontegoBay, St James, on July 19.
“We always bring a good and crazy show for the people dem. The ‘Energy God’ never change. We still a climb on stage. We still a jump inna di crowd. We still a do all of that,” he told THE STAR.
“The last time we do all of that, dem seh dem a sue me fi mash up dem instruments. So we nah go bring it to da level deh, where we a mash up nothing or hurt nobody, but yuh done know we giving the people the energy non-stop.”
The Crazy Hype deejay was a staple performer on the show, making appearances for 10 consecutive years, before deciding to take a step back. His decision was motivated by a few reasons, including wanting to create a demand and longing for his interactive sets.
“I’ve been doing it for so long, and sometimes you have to give it a breather. Nobody nuh waah drive one car for 30 years. You a go want a change. So me just seh, mek me give it a break and mek the people see me fresh again,” he said.
“They called me two times after the last time I performed, but the price never did too ‘hundred’ for me, and the next time dem call, I had different obligations. Even concerts like Best of the Best I used to do every year and stopped. Yuh nuh want it reach a point where when you go on stage, people seh dem tired fi see you and dem see you last year, the year before and the year before. No. Yuh fi mek dem embrace back yuh presence and seh, we haven’t seen you for a while on the stage.”
Since his last appearance, the festival was acquired by businessman Joe Bogdanovich from previous principals Johnny Gourzong, Robert Russell and Tina Davis. Elephant Man commended Bogdanovich for altering the festival nights – excluding the former international nights to highlight more local acts.
“Me like the vibes and direction weh Joe take it to. We might not have no international artistes, but him put out a 100 per cent fi di Jamaican artistes and make it our festival, and that is good,” Elephant Man said.
“Him captivate the people from abroad wid the grass roots and let dem know you’re not coming here to see Akon or Mariah Carey. You’re coming here to see nothing but dancehall. If you look on the line-up, it’s all ‘gas pedal’ non-stop. There is a different variety of artistes, and everybody is excited for Reggae Sumfest, so it’s gonna be crazy.”

Reggae Sumfest (c) Jamaica Tourist Board

The highlights of the event week are the two festival nights on 19 and 20 July. These evenings feature some of the island’s biggest stars – from contemporary roots reggae such as Protoje or Chronixx to dancehall greats like Govana to music legends like Beres Hammond.Things are getting hot again in Montego Bay: From July 14 to 20, 2019, the well-known holiday resort on the Caribbean island of Jamaica will be host to the largest reggae festival in the world for the 27th time – the “Reggae Sumfest”. More than 50,000 visitors are expected.

Reggae is far from the only one, but the most famous style of music in Jamaica. He developed in the late 1960s from his predecessors Mento, Ska and Rocksteady. Through musicians like Peter Tosh, Jimmy Cliff and of course Bob Marley, the reggae became world famous and also influenced international pop culture.

Because of its key role in Jamaican society and its spiritual importance to the Rastafarian community, the Reggae 2018 was included by UNESCO in the list of intangible cultural heritage.

Many young Jamaicans today prefer the harder and electronic “riddims” of the dancehall. Nevertheless, reggae is and remains an integral part of Jamaican identity. The “Reggae Sumfest” is just one of many opportunities on the island to meet this unique style of music.


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06/08/2019 by Press Release

The Global Soundclash event prior to Reggae Sumfest’s Main Nights features Selectors from around the World!
From Japan: YARD BEAT
from Canada: KING TURBO (World Clash Champions)
from Germany: WARRIOR SOUND
plus Jamaican heavyweights: RICKY TROOPER and PINK PANTHER!
Jamaica’s rich music and culture which have impacted and infused itself throughout the world also produced the soundclash, which is one of the many musical standouts which originated in the country that birthed reggae and dancehall. More classically defined, a soundclash is a DJ battle (mostly in reggae and dancehall) where two collective sounds – consisting of one or more selectors (or DJs as they say in the U.S.) – go tune for tune. They often use custom remixes (aka dub plates) featuring drops from marquee artists to win over the audience.
On Thursday, July 18th, Jamaica’s largest music festival Reggae Sumfest brings back the Global Sound Clash again this year to Pier 1. At 8pm the nail-biting competition begins between leading sounds from Jamaica, Japan, Germany and Canada – Ricky Trooper, Pink Panther, Warrior Sound, Yard Beat and King Turbo.
Following the packed and riveting World Clash 20th Anniversary Sound Clash of Reggae Sumfest 2018 at Pier One [VIEW THE PHOTO REPORT HERE!], the 2019 All-Star Global Sound System Shoot-Out promises to be an exciting competition.

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LA Lewis ready to answer Sumfest call

June 10, 2019
LA Lewis
LA Lewis

Dancehall artiste LA Lewis believes that his Sumfest debut is imminent and could happen as early as next year.

“Me and Joe (Bogdanovich) always have a good relationship and he’s always boosting me to go in the music business. Every year, Trillionaire Records and LA Lewis play our part in promoting Sumfest, but next year certainly, I’ll be booked for it,” he said. “This year we’re supporting Sumfest behind the scenes and on the ground but next year, we a run the stage. It’s going to be a star time when the ‘seven star general’ touch Sumfest stage. You know I’m incontestable so there’s nothing to contest wid me.”

The entertainer revealed that despite making strides in the music industry in recent times, he believes the timing wasn’t right for him to introduce himself to the Sumfest audience and so even if he was offered a spot, he would have declined.

He added that having laid a solid foundation over the past five years, he is now ready to put his 100 per cent behind solidifying his music career.

“Over the years, LA Lewis was always in the marketing side of the industry and the promotion side. I’m the guru, the god of social media, the street god. Me did a make me name in the streets and build mi ting a certain way before me come out there wid di artiste thing serious, serious,” he said. “My company Trillionaire Records is up fully now … so we’re heading into the music business fully now. We even have a new artiste name Shynetyme from MoBay that we’re working with, and we a work wid artiste like Lybran and the 6ix dem also.”

The artiste also congratulated Reggae Sumfest on its 27th anniversary, stating that as the birthplace of reggae, he is proud that Jamaica has managed to sustain a show of Sumfest’s magnitude for so long.

“Sumfest are the ones holding up the dancehall and the reggae music industry, not only in Jamaica, but the world. Everyone knows that Jamaica is the factory, so any time the factory bruk dung, the whole world a go bruk dung. Me affi thank Joe for carrying on this, and Mr (Johnny) Gourzong dem for holding it out over the years. The thing is on a next level now.”

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Buju Banton Headlines List Of Top Artists For Reggae Sumfest

This July marks the 27th anniversary of Reggae Sumfest, Jamaica’s iconic music festival, set for Montego Bay from July 17-22, 2019. The star-studded line-up on Festival Nights 1 & 2 will include global reggae sensation Buju Banton, dancehall veterans Beenie Man and Bounty Killer, as well as Chronixx, Spice, Spragga Benz, Elephant Man, Protégé, Beres Hammond, and more.

This year the festival offers a 7-night line-up of events as follows:

July 14 – Mornin’ Medz Brunch Party

July 15 – Street Dance Party

July 16 – All White Party

July 17 – Blitz All Black Party / Bunji Garlin’s Birthday Celebration

July 18 – Global Sound Clash

July 19 – Festival Night 1

July 20 – Festival Night 2

To purchase tickets to Reggae Sumfest, visit: www.ReggaeSumfest.com.


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Global Sound Clash Comes to Mobay Thursday July 18th… A Clash Of The Titans!

Reggae Sumfest Ticketing Website

The Global Sound Clash Event Prior to Reggae Sumfest’s Main Nights
features Selectors from Around the World in an exciting GLOBAL SOUND CLASH Competition!

Following on the packed and riveting World Clash 20th Anniversary Sound Clash of Reggae Sumfest 2018 at Pier One, we have another All-Star Global Sound System Shoot-Out at the  Pier One Event Centre… 2019 GLOBAL SOUND CLASH of REGGAE SUMFEST Thursday Night July 18th



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Rickey Teetz for Reggae Sumfest

June 04, 2019
Rickey Teetz
Rickey Teetz

Montego Bay-based recording artiste Rickey Teetz is booked to perform on Dancehall Night (now known as Festival Night One) at Reggae Sumfest.

He is looking forward to the opportunity to strut his stuff on such a prestigious event.

“I am going to put together a great set for my fans at this year’s Reggae Sumfest stage and show the world what Rickey Teetz can deliver,” he said.

Over the past few months, Rickey Teetz has been steadily building his fan base with the release of a slew of songs that have been gaining heavy traction in the island’s dancehalls, as well as popping up on the rotation lists of major radio stations.

Songs like Dollar and Phase We have each racked up more than a million views on social video-sharing site, YouTube, while another, Oh Gassh, is generating thousands of spins as well.

Dollar was produced by Show do Vybz Entertainment, while Phase We was produced by Netspen Entertainment.

“I really love the direction that the music is taking me, my fan base is definitely growing. I released a new song last month called 24 Hour, which was produced by Attomatic/Hempton Records. I will be shooting a new video this summer for Phase We, based on the positive feedback so far,” he said.

Rickey Teetz first graced the Reggae Sumfest stage in 2016 and delivered an energetic performance.

He recently delivered a high-energy set at the annual MoBay Crab Fest and will be off to Canada in mid-June for a show dubbed ‘Canada Takeover’.

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Reggae Sumfest Pre-Parties: Street Dance & All White — Don’t miss the exciting pre-event parties during week-long takeover of Montego Bay, Jamaica.



‘Street Dance’ & ‘All White’  

Don’t miss these two exciting pre-event parties of 

Reggae Sumfest in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


Tickets are available on Reggae Sumfest’s 

Eventbrite Ticket Website:



Free ‘Yawdy Style’ STREET DANCE Party on 

Monday July 15 and ALL WHITE party, Tuesday, July 16


Monday Night July 15 on The Hip Strip in Montego Bay once again explodes into the great free Reggae Sumfest Street Dance being held at Old Hospital Park. If last year’s turn out is anything to gauge what to expect this year, then put on your “Yaddy Style” and get ready to heat up the 2nd City. Both locals and tourists come out to enjoy the sweet sounds of reggae and dancehall, and this year Foota Hype, Skyjuice, Team Shella and C Notepromise to keep everyone moving all night long. It’s FREE so be sure to come out and experience our music and our culture courtesy of SUMFEST!

 Get your tickets now and don’t miss out on the ALL WHITE party, Tuesday, July 16

This is the only way to celebrate the Summer with Sumfest– on July 16th Pier 1 comes alive with ALL WHITE. Grab your sexy summer whites and meet us on the water with the musical beats brought to you by DJ Smokeand DJ Smurf. You are guaranteed to dance the night away. Montego Bay will be pulsating with excitement throughout the night and right into the morning when gates open at 9pm and we don’t stop until 4am. Tickets go fast for this event… secure yours today!


About Reggae Sumfest:

Sumfest has earned a reputation as the Caribbean’s premier music festival showcasing Jamaica’s indigenous music as well as many other popular global genres of music. Now in its 27th year, the world’s greatest reggae music festival continues to pay homage to the musical genre that originated in Jamaica and has become a global phenomenon. Sumfest continues to add unprecedented value to “Brand Jamaica” by promoting two of the country’s most valuable products – the music and the island itself as a tourist destination. 


Since its inception, Sumfest has made Montego Bay and the surrounding areas a prime summer destination for visitors and locals alike who flock to the city to enjoy some of the best talents in Reggae, Dancehall, Hip Hop and R&B. Over the years, Sumfest has partnered with a number of major local and international brands. Our goal is to continue these long-standing partnerships and develop ways to enhance their relationship with Sumfest to drive incremental value for their brands. Sumfest is owned by Joseph Bogdanovich and produced by his company DownSound Entertainment.




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End Date: July 20, 2019

Staged annually during the 3rd week of July, Reggae Sumfest is now an established staple on the Jamaican entertainment calendar, attracting patrons from all across the globe, as far away as Australia, Europe, the USA and the African continent. Come join us in Jamaica’s 2nd city Montego Bay from July 14 – 20 for the Greatest Reggae Show on Earth.

For ticket information and artists line-up, visit the Reggae Sumfest website.

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