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Spice Talks About Her Black Panther Inspired Performance at Sumfest and What Her Life Is Like After Her First Season of Love & Hip Hop

“When I go to the airport the officers know me now, which is weird.”

Spice has been the Queen of Dancehall in Jamaica for years but after her debut on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season seven, the icon is ready to dominate the U.S. charts, too. Spice recently dominated the stage at the Red Stripe Sumfest 2018 (Jamiaca’s biggest reggae and dancehall festival) where she took the stage as Lupita’s N’youngo’s character, Nakia, from Black Panther complete with an all-female army.

The Queen of Dancehall then changed into a “Spicier” look when she performed her new single “Under Fire” and an amazing Dancehall remix of Ella Mai’s hit song “Boo’d Up.” Spice’s performance didn’t happen without any hiccups though–in the middle of the set, police and the Fire Marshall rushed the stage because of the use of fire torches. The Queen of Dancehall addressed them off stage during her wardrobe change, leaving the audience to believe it was a part of her elaborate set.

VH1.com got a chance to speak with Spice after the show, for her take on the performance and to catch up on life after her first season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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Why did you decide to go with a Wakanda theme for your performance? 
Spice: I chose that theme because I am a strong black woman, [and] being the Queen of Dancehall, I wanted to represent for the Black culture.

What happened with the police on stage during your Sumfest performance? 
I felt disrespected by the officer and the Fire Marshall for interrupting my performance. I really wanted to deliver a good show and I feel like it was being sabotaged [and targeted] as a woman in the business. I was watching the performances from everyone else [at Sumfest] and there wasn’t anything happening when the artist before me was on stage, so I felt sabotaged and cornered. I’m outnumbered. I think [there were] only three women performing at the entire festival.

Avant Garde Media

It was still an amazing performance, regardless of the drama. What new music are you working on? 
I have my new song called “Under Fire” [which] I’m about to shoot the music video for [and] people are anticipating it because it’s the hottest dancehall song right now. I [also] just released a video for “Tik Tak” which that got 4 million views in a month.

On the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season seven reunion, you said you made up with Tokyo Vanity, and mentioned that you ladies are working on music together?
You know what? Since the reunion we haven’t really spoken, so I don’t want to really elaborate too much, on what we’re working on. I think when we see each other again we’ll meet in the studio and plan, but we’re definitely cool, we have a nice vibe, she’s really cool and very fun to be around.What’s the status of you and Tommie’s relationship? 
We don’t speak. It’s done.

So now that your first season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta has wrapped, do you notice any change in performing in Jamaica now that you’re on National television? =
I wouldn’t say that! I would be ungrateful if I said that because I’ve always received love in my country–all the time, major love. So I wouldn’t say [after being on] Love & Hip Hop anything in Jamaica has changed. Outside of the U.S., yes, because even when I go to the airport the officers know me now, which is weird. So, in America, yes my fan-base is growing. It’s time to get big in America now.

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