Energetic Sumfest set by Sean Paul

Sean Paul performs at Reggae Sumfest.

Sean Paul performs at Reggae Sumfest.


Sean Paul and his three dancers delivered an energetic performance during the 50 minutes that he was on stage at Reggae Sumfest in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, on Sunday morning.

Entering the stage with Bum Bum, they kept the tempo going throughout until his closing song, Bounce It Right Here. His overall act picked up the longer it lasted.

After Bum Bum, Sean Paul did Get Busy and Got To Love You, Press It Up and Baby Boy, Gimme Di Light and We Be Burnin.

Like Glue would follow and then Deport Them and Gyalis Pro after which he asked the crowd to indicate by putting their hands in the air, who loves their mother. Getting the requisite response he then gave them Rockabye.

Telling the audience about and then deejaying, Gonna Be Lit Tonight , he then launched into Cheap Thrills, before calling up Chi Ching Ching for them to do their collaboration, Crick Neck, to loud cheers of approval by the Catherine Hall crowd.

Chi Ching Ching would then do a medley of dance songs with Sean Paul joining his dancers.

Gimme Di Light would follow Chi Ching Ching’s departure before She Doesn’t Mind and the closure, Bounce It Right Here.