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Reggae Sumfest is expected to provide a US$6 million shot in the arm to the economy of Montego Bay and its environs when the curtain goes up on July 17.

Created as a vehicle for stimulating tourism during the slow summer months, the event provides a huge fillip for the Montego Bay economy, says Robert Russell, former chairman of Sumfest promoters, Summerfest Productions Ltd.

“Sumfest annually attracts 4,000 visitors to Montego Bay; the JTB (Jamaica Tourist Board) says that they typically spend US$1,500 each. A lot of people depend on the festival to send their children back to school in September. The hotels, rental cars, taxis, craft vendors… everybody looks to Sumfest as it’s a big economic boost for Montego Bay and, by extension, Jamaica,” Russell said.

The festival, which is part sponsored by the JTB, is scheduled for Catherine Hall in Montego Bay, St James from July 17-23.

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